Thursday, 4 July 2013


NEWSFLASH: CUB SCOUTS PREMIERED THEIR NEW SONG 'PARADISE' ON TUESDAY ON TRIPLE J AND IT WAS THE MOST PERFECT THREE MINUTES OF MY LIFE but unfortunately before a really annoying Novocaines song was playing so that kinda wrecked it. But TIMMMMMMMM and Zoe and Sam and Andrew and Dan.

So my dears I've been extremely slack on keeping up with posts and all that and as a result I'm losing readers even more quickly than I'm losing friends.

New readers think I'm like this:
Current readers KNOW I'm like this:
And the rest of the world:
Big Brian's house sounds like so much fun.
Ok. But seriously if you like the blog please pass it onto a friend. I'm not making a living off this or anything but it would be amazing if people read it and all that bleh bleh bleh.

Bleh bleh bleh.


So let's get to this week's song.
I was really conflicted as to which song to pick for this week because a lovely person directed me to Justice For The Damned and they're amazing. In fact I've picked up heaps of new songs this week but I'm soooooo not bothered to put them all up and all.
But nevermind! (breaks into Nirvana and becomes Frances Bean Cobain)
This week's song is from last year so it's not fresh off the press, but who cares?
It's 'Yet Again' by Grizzly Bear from their album 'Shields'.
The lyrics, combined with the haunting verses, is so touching and poignant. It's utter beauty. The tone is cool yet not cold and is a bit of a pleading yet pleasing song. Love love love.
Here you are dearies!

It's 5 minutes though, but it passes so quickly! Time flies when you're eating.

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  1. ugh frances bean cobain major girl crush alert